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[other identifier: umts-Operation-Maintenance]

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Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) operation maintenance


In the first level of the 3GPP sub-tree (just below the umts-Operation-Maintenance node) there is one arc for each TS document. The labels and the values assigned to such arcs should match the names and numbers of the TS document (e.g., ts32-114(114) for the document TS 32.114). In case of collision, a different number shall be assigned to the "UMTS" arc which could mismatch the document number. Please note that the structure of this level of sub-tree is similar to the structure defined in GSM 12.30 for the GSM OIDs, and is based on Rec. ITU-T M.3020 for the "Recommendation parts".
In case of multi-part documents, under the node of the TS document there are several arcs, one for each part. The names of these arcs shall be part1(1), part2(2), and so on.

For more information, see documents ETSI ETR 091 and GSM 12.30.

See ETSI ASN.1 Object Identifier Tree.

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