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UK national health service scheme (Electronic Data Interchange Registration Authorities (EDIRA) compliant)


Description of organizations covered by the coding system: Intended scope is 'legal entities' of the UK Healthcare community, i.e., "GPs", "GDPs", National Health Service (NHS) hospital trusts, health authorities, health commissioning agencies, health laboratories, NHS executive and other NHS bodies such as blood transfusion, etc. Organizations having a legitimate interest in the healthcare community, e.g., health insurance companies, etc., will be strongly encouraged to use alternative registration schemes but may be considered for the NHS scheme on a case by case basis.

Notes on use of the code: EDIRA recommendations for coding in EDIFACT and other Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems.
The registered organization identifier has a fixed length of 10 digits including check digit. It is intended to allocate initially from the band <10xxxxxxxc>. Sub-authorities would then be allocated bands <11xxxxxxxc>, <12xxxxxxxc>, etc., allowing a possible total of 89 sub authorities. Registered organization identifiers starting <0xxxxxxxxc> are reserved for special purposes.

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