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  "identified-organization" is a standardized identifier (this identifier may be used without its associated number in the ASN.1 notation of an OID).
  This is a frozen OID (no more child OIDs can be added to the existing ones).
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Organization identification schemes registered according to ISO/IEC 6523-2


Child OIDs are International Code Designators (ICDs) which are numbers from 1 to 9999 that identify an organization identification scheme.

An ICD value is allocated (by the registration authority designated by ISO) to an organization identification scheme in accordance with the procedure specified in ISO/IEC 6523-2. ICD values are assigned sequentially in the order in which entries are added to the register. An ICD value once assigned shall not be reallocated. When an organization identification scheme ceases to be supported, the registration entry shall be marked as such, but the entry itself shall be kept in the register and the ICD value shall not be reallocated.

Interchanging partners may want, by prior agreement, to interchange organization identifiers allocated by an identification scheme to which an ICD value has been assigned, or for which the assignment of an ICD value is pending. The range of ICD values between 9900 and 9999 is reserved for that effect. The interchange partners shall agree on the identification of the identification scheme, using one of the above reserved values.

An organization may be identified by more than one identification method.

Note: In accordance with RFC 1157, IETF incorrectly uses identifier org for this OID.

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Frank Farance

To contact the registration authority, replace "&" by "@" in the email address


Farance, Inc.
PO Box 256
New York, NY 10044
United States (the)


+1 212 486 4700

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