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This OID also identifies this Management Information Base (MIB) object:
LAST-UPDATED "201711290000Z"
ORGANIZATION "Nortel Networks"
CONTACT-INFO "Nortel Networks"
Copyright 1996 - 2014 Avaya
All rights reserved.
This Avaya Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Management Information Base Specification (Specification) embodies Avaya's confidential and proprietary intellectual property. Avaya retains all title and ownership in the Specification, including any revisions.
This Specification is supplied 'AS IS,' and Avaya makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to the use, operation, condition, or performance of the Specification."
REVISION "201711290000Z" -- 29 Nov. 2017
DESCRIPTION "Version 308: Removed mVSP5030GSXuPWR(254), mVSP5054GSXuPWR(255)
Added mDSGDPM624(254), mDSGDPM648(255)"
-- List of revisions deleted.
REVISION "200305050000Z" -- 05 May 2003
DESCRIPTION "v196: Conversion to SMIv2"

First Registration Authority    


Sharon Chisholm


Nortel Networks

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