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LAST-UPDATED "200711290000Z" -- November 29, 2007
ORGANIZATION "CableLabs -- PacketCable OSS Group"
"Sumanth Channabasappa
Postal: CableLabs, Inc.
858 Coal Creek Circle
Louisville, CO 80027-1266
Phone: +1 303-661-9100
Fax: +1 303-661-9199
E-mail: mibs@cablelabs.com"
"This MIB module supplies the basic management
object for the PacketCable Signaling
protocols. This version of the MIB includes
common signaling and Network Call Signaling
(NCS) related signaling objects.
Angela Lyda Arris Interactive
Sasha Medvinsky Motorola
Roy Spitzer Telogy Networks, Inc.
Rick Vetter Motorola
Itay Sherman Texas Instruments
Klaus Hermanns Cisco Systems
Eugene Nechamkin Broadcom Corp.
Satish Kumar Texas Instruments
Copyright 1999-2007 Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.
All rights reserved."
REVISION "200711290000Z"
"This revision, published as part of the PacketCable
Signaling MIB Standard."


Automatically extracted from Rec. ITU-T J.166 (note: Recs ITU-T J.168 and J.169 were withdrawn in 2006 after their content were updated and incorporated in Rec. ITU-T J.166 (2015)).

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