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icmpEchoReqTable OBJECT-TYPE
ACCESS not-accessible
STATUS mandatory
"A conceptual table holding the ICMP response times for
various remote hosts. The table is a conceptual one in the
sense that, the table actually contains no data. When a query
for the table object icmpEchoReqTime is received by the agent
an ICMP echo request is sent to the remote host, the ICMP
echo reply is received, the elapsed time is calculated and
is sent back as the response. Note that except the columnar
object icmpEchoReqTime other objects in the table, viz.,
icmpEchoReqPktSize, icmpEchoReqTimeout and icmpEchoReqHost,
have ACCESS previlege as not-accessible, those variables
cannot be queried for.
The table entries have the objects icmpEchoReqPktSize,
icmpEchoReqTimeout and icmpEchoReqHost as the indices, which
is effectively a way of transfering these required details
to the agent, so that the agent could do its function and
respond appropriately."

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