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  itu-t(0) | ccitt(0) | itu-r(0)    -- International Telecommunicati... [more]
  recommendation(0)    -- ITU-T Recommendations (International Tel... [more]
  a(1)    -- Series A of ITU-T Recommendations "Organization of ... [more]
  b(2)    -- Series B of ITU-T Recommendations - Means of expres... [more]
  c(3)    -- Series C of ITU-T Recommendations - General telecom... [more]
  d(4)    -- Series D of ITU-T Recommendations "General tariff p... [more]
  e(5)    -- Series E of ITU-T Recommendations "Overall network ... [more]
  f(6)    -- Series F of ITU-T Recommendations "Non-telephone te... [more]
  g(7)    -- Series G of ITU-T Recommendations "Transmission sys... [more]
  g711(711)    -- Recommendation ITU-T G.711 series
  719    -- Recommendation ITU-T G.719 "Low-complexity, full-b... [more]
  726    -- ITU-T G.726 "40, 32, 24, 16 kbit/s Adaptive Differ... [more]
  sdhm(774) | g774(774)    -- Recommendation ITU-T G.774 "Sync... [more]
  informationModel(0)    -- Information model
  protocolSupport(1)    -- Protocol support
  managementApplicationSupport(2)    -- Management applicati... [more]
  dot(127) | hyphen(127)    -- Parts of Recommendation ITU-T... [more]
    part1(1) | pm(1)    -- Recommendation ITU-T G.774.1
    informationModel(0)    -- Information model
    standardSpecificExtension(0)    -- Standard specific... [more]
    functionalUnitPackage(1)    -- Functional unit packa... [more]
    asn1Module(2)    -- ASN.1 modules
    sdhpm(0)    -- ASN.1 module named SDHPMASN1 (SDH: ... [more]
    managedObjectClass(3)    -- Managed object classes
    package(4)    -- Packages
    parameter(5)    -- Parameters
    nameBinding(6)    -- Name bindings
    attribute(7)    -- Attributes
    attributeGroup(8)    -- Attribute groups
    action(9)    -- Actions
    notification(10)    -- Notifications
    protocolSupport(1)    -- Protocol support
    managementApplicationsSupport(2)    -- Management appl... [more]
    conf(2)    -- Recommendation ITU-T G.774.2 (02/01): "Syn... [more]
    prot(3)    -- Recommendation ITU-T G.774.3 "Synchronous ... [more]
    sncp(4)    -- Recommendation ITU-T G.774.4 (February 200... [more]
    cs(5)    -- Recommendation ITU-T G.774.5 "Synchronous Di... [more]
    pmUni(6)    -- Recommendation ITU-T G.774.6 "Synchronous... [more]
    ptl(7)    -- Recommendation ITU-T G.774.7 "Synchronous D... [more]
    sdhRadioIM(8)    -- ASN.1 module named SDHRadioManagemen... [more]
    protCoord(9)    -- Recommendation ITU-T G.774.9 (Februar... [more]
    msspr(10)    -- Recommendation ITU-T G.774.10 (February ... [more]
  g722-1(7221) | g7221(7221)    -- Recommendation ITU-T G.722.... [more]
  7222    -- Rec. ITU-T G.722.2 "Wideband coding of speech at ... [more]
  g776-1(7761) | g7761(7761)    -- Recommendation ITU-T G.776.... [more]
  gntm(85501)    -- Recommendation ITU-T G.855.1 (March 1999) ... [more]
  h(8)    -- Series H of ITU-T Recommendations "Audiovisual and ... [more]
  i(9)    -- Series I of ITU-T Recommendations "Integrated Servi... [more]
  j(10)    -- Series J of ITU-T Recommendations "Cable networks ... [more]
  k(11)    -- Series K of ITU-T Recommendations "Protection agai... [more]
  l(12)    -- Series L of ITU-T Recommendations "Environment and... [more]
  m(13)    -- Series M of ITU-T Recommendations "Telecommunicati... [more]
  n(14)    -- Series N of ITU-T Recommendations "Maintenance: in... [more]
  o(15)    -- Series O of ITU-T Recommendations "Specifications ... [more]
  p(16)    -- Series P of ITU-T Recommendations "Telephone trans... [more]
  q(17)    -- Series Q of ITU-T Recommendations "Switching and s... [more]
  r(18)    -- Series R of ITU-T Recommendations "Telegraph trans... [more]
  s(19)    -- Series S of ITU-T Recommendations "Telegraph servi... [more]
  t(20)    -- Series T of ITU-T Recommendations "Terminals for t... [more]
  u(21)    -- Series U of ITU-T Recommendations "Telegraph switc... [more]
  v(22)    -- Series V of ITU-T Recommendations "Data communicat... [more]
  x(24)    -- Series X of ITU-T Recommendations "Data networks, ... [more]
  y(25)    -- Series Y of ITU-T Recommendations "Global informat... [more]
  z(26)    -- Series Z of ITU-T Recommendations "Languages and g... [more]
  question(1)    -- ITU-T Questions
  administration(2)    -- National administrations of ITU Member S... [more]
  network-operator(3)    -- Network operators
  identified-organization(4)    -- International research or indus... [more]
  r-recommendation(5)    -- International Telecommunication Union ... [more]
  data(9)    -- Mis-defined because some people believed it was a ... [more]
  iso(1)    -- International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  joint-iso-itu-t(2) | joint-iso-ccitt(2)    -- Areas of joint work ... [more]

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