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LAST-UPDATED "200210140000Z"
CONTACT-INFO "WG-EMail: snmpv3@lists.tislabs.com
Subscribe: snmpv3-request@lists.tislabs.com
Co-Chair: Russ Mundy
Network Associates Laboratories
postal: 15204 Omega Drive, Suite 300
Rockville, MD 20850-4601
EMail: mundy@tislabs.com
phone: +1 301-947-7107
Co-Chair & Co-editor: David Harrington
Enterasys Networks
postal: 35 Industrial Way
P. O. Box 5005
Rochester, New Hampshire 03866-5005
EMail: dbh@enterasys.com
phone: +1 603-337-2614
Co-editor: Randy Presuhn
BMC Software, Inc.
postal: 2141 North First Street
San Jose, California 95131
EMail: randy_presuhn@bmc.com
phone: +1 408-546-1006
Co-editor: Bert Wijnen
Lucent Technologies
postal: Schagen 33
3461 GL Linschoten
EMail: bwijnen@lucent.com
phone: +31 348-680-485"
DESCRIPTION "The SNMP Management Architecture MIB
Copyright (C) The Internet Society (2002). This
version of this MIB module is part of RFC 3411;
see the RFC itself for full legal notices."
REVISION "200210140000Z" -- 14 October 2002
DESCRIPTION "Changes in this revision:
- Updated various administrative information.
- Corrected some typos.
- Corrected typo in description of SnmpEngineID
that led to range overlap for 127.
- Changed '255a' to '255t' in definition of
SnmpAdminString to align with current SMI.
- Reworded 'reserved' for value zero in
DESCRIPTION of SnmpSecurityModel.
- The algorithm for allocating security models
should give 256 per enterprise block, rather
than 255.
- The example engine ID of 'abcd' is not
legal. Replaced with '800002b804616263'H based
on example enterprise 696, string 'abc'.
- Added clarification that engineID should
persist across re-initializations.
This revision published as RFC 3411."
REVISION "199901190000Z" -- 19 January 1999
DESCRIPTION "Updated editors' addresses, fixed typos.
Published as RFC 2571."
REVISION "199711200000Z" -- 20 November 1997
DESCRIPTION "The initial version, published in RFC 2271."


Automatically extracted from IETF RFC 3411.

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