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aluExtDS1SignalBitsState OBJECT-TYPE
MAX-ACCESS read-only
STATUS current
"aluExtDS1SignalBitsState is an array of bytes used to indicate the
current state of the ABCD signalling bits for all timeslots of a

The first half of the array or the 32 most significant bytes describe
the RX ABCD bits. The other half describes the TX ABCD bits.

In each half of the array, every byte represents a particular timeslot.
The most significant byte represents timeslot 1. The least significant
byte represents timeslot 32.

The byte arrangement is as follows:

array index: | 0 1 ... 30 31 | 32 33 ... 62 63 |
timeslot: | 1 2 ... 31 32 | 1 2 ... 31 32 |
| <

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