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prtMarkerSuppliesLevel OBJECT-TYPE
-- NOTE: In RFC 1759, the range was not defined.
SYNTAX Integer32 (-3..2147483647)
MAX-ACCESS read-write
STATUS current
"The current level if this supply is a container; the remaining
space if this supply is a receptacle. If this supply
container/receptacle can reliably sense this value, the value
is reported by the printer and is read-only; otherwise, the
value may be written (by a Remote Control Panel or a Management
Application). The value (-1) means other and specifically
indicates that the sub-unit places no restrictions on this
parameter. The value (-2) means unknown. A value of (-3) means
that the printer knows that there is some supply/remaining
space, respectively."


Automatically extracted from IETF RFC 3805.

Note to implementers:

The OID repository does not necessarily store an accurate version of this formal description. For an implementation, it is recommended to check the web for a more recent description. If this is the case, please update the above description.

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