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LAST-UPDATED "200406020000Z"
"Harry Lewis
Phone (303) 924-5337
Email: harryl@us.ibm.com
Send comments to the printmib WG using the Printer MIB Project (PMP) Mailing List: pmp@pwg.org
For further information, access the PWG web page under 'Printer MIB': http://www.pwg.org/
Implementers of this specification are encouraged to join the pmp mailing list in order to participate in discussions on any clarifications needed and registration proposals being reviewed in order to achieve consensus."
"The MIB module for management of printers.
Copyright (C) The Internet Society (2004). This version of this MIB module was published in RFC 3805. For full legal notices see the RFC itself."
REVISION "200406020000Z"
"Printer MIB v2.
Moved all enum groups to be maintained by IANA into new TCs within the ianaPrinterMIB, which is contained in this document.
New TCs created from enums defined within RFC 1759 Objects: PrtPrintOrientationTC, PrtLocalizedDescriptionStringTC, PrtConsoleDescriptionStringTC, PrtChannelStateTC, PrtOutputStackingOrderTC, PrtOutputPageDeliveryOrientationTC, PrtMarkerCounterUnitTC, PrtMarkerSuppliesSupplyUnitTC, PrtMarkerSuppliesClassTC, PrtMarkerAddressabilityUnitTC, PrtMarkerColorantRoleTC, PrtMediaPathMaxSpeedPrintUnitTC, PrtInterpreterTwoWayTC, and PrtAlertSeverityLevelTC.
The following four TCs have been deprecated: MediaUnit (replaced by PrtMediaUnitTC), CapacityUnit (replaced by PrtCapacityUnitTC), SubUnitStatus (replaced by PrtSubUnitStatusTC), CodedCharSet (replaced by IANACharset in IANA Charset MIB)
Five new OBJECT-GROUPs: prtAuxilliarySheetGroup, prtInputSwitchingGroup, prtGeneralV2Group, prtAlertTableV2Group, prtChannelV2Group.
Nine new objects added to those groups: prtAuxiliarySheetStartupPage, prtAuxiliarySheetBannerPage, prtGeneralPrinterName, prtGeneralSerialNumber, prtAlertCriticalEvents, prtAlertAllEvents, prtInputMediaLoadTimeout, prtInputNextIndex, prtChannelInformation.
SYNTAX range changed from (0..65535) to (1..65535) for the index objects prtStorageRefSeqNumber, prtDeviceRefSeqNumber, and prtConsoleLightIndex.
SYNTAX range changed from (0..65535) to (0..2147483647) for the objects prtStorageRefIndex and prtDeviceRefIndex to agree with the Host Resources MIB.
Defined a range for the objects with a SYNTAX of Integer32: prtOutputDefaultIndex, prtInputMediaDimFeedDirDeclared, prtInputMediaDimXFeedDirDeclared, prtInputMaxCapacity, prtInputCurrentLevel, prtInputMediaDimFeedDirChosen, prtInputMediaDimXFeedDirChosen, prtInputMediaWeight, prtInputMediaFormParts, prtOutputIndex, prtOutputMaxCapacity, prtOutputRemainingCapacity, prtOutputMaxDimFeedDir, prtOutputMaxDimXFeedDir, prtOutputMinDimFeedDir, prtOutputMinDimXFeedDir, prtMarkerAddressibilityFeedDir, prtMarkerAddressibilityXFeedDir, prtMarkerNorthMargin, prtMarkerSouthMargin, prtMarkerWestMargin, prtMarkerEastMargin, prtMarkerSuppliesMaxCapacity, prtMarkerSuppliesLevel, prtMarkerColorantTonality, prtMediaPathMaxSpeed, prtMediaPathMaxMediaFeedDir, prtMediaPathMaxMediaXFeedDir, prtMediaPathMinMediaFeedDir, prtMediaPathMinMediaXFeedDir, prtChannelIndex, prtChannelCurrentJobCntlLangIndex, prtInterpreterIndex, prtChannelDefaultPageDescLangIndex, prtConsoleOnTime, prtInterpreterFeedAddressibility, prtConsoleOffTime, prtInterpreterXFeedAddressibility, prtAlertIndex, prtAlertGroupIndex, prtAlertLocation.
Changed SYNTAX from Integer32 to InterfaceIndexOrZero for prtChannelIfIndex.
Changed MAX-ACCESS of prtAlertIndex from not-accessible to Read-only and added a compliance statement to allow a MIN-ACCESS of accessible-for-notify.
One new NOTIFICATION-GROUP: prtAlertTrapGroup which contains printerV2Alert.
In MODULE-COMPLIANCE prtMIBCompliance, new OBJECT-GROUPs and the NOTIFICATION_GROUP, all in GROUP (not MANDATORY-GROUP) clauses. The nine new objects are optional, i.e., this document is backward compatible with RFC 1759."
REVISION "199411250000Z"
"The original version of this MIB, published as RFC1759."


Automatically extracted from IETF RFC 3805.

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