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  itu-t(0) | ccitt(0) | itu-r(0)   -- International Telecommunication...
  iso(1)   -- International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  standard(0)   -- ISO or IEC International Standards (not jointly...
  registration-authority(1)   -- Registration authorities
  member-body(2)   -- ISO Member Bodies
  identified-organization(3)   -- Organization identification...
     (5 OIDs)
    dod(6)   -- "DODNET": Open System Interconnection (OSI) network...
    internet(1)   -- Internet
      directory(1)   -- Structure of Management Information (SMI)...
      mgmt(2)   -- Management
      experimental(3)   -- Objects used in Internet experiments...
      private(4)   -- Private projects
      reserved(0)   -- Reserved
      enterprise(1) | enterprises(1)   -- Private enterprises
         (13662 OIDs)
        13769   -- Mozilla.org
        2   -- Mozilla Lightweight Directory Access Protocol...
        3   -- Mozilla Lightweight Directory Access Protocol...
        4   -- Mozilla LLightweight Directory Access Protocol...
        9   -- Mozilla Address Book object classes
         (44153 OIDs)
      security(5)   -- Security codes (including S/MIME,...
      snmpV2(6) | snmpv2(6)   -- Version 2 of the Simple Network...
      mail(7)   -- Internet mail (for use with mail protocols)
      features(8)   -- Media feature tags
     (215 OIDs)
  joint-iso-itu-t(2) | joint-iso-ccitt(2)   -- Areas of joint work...

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